Жена Владимира Епифанцева требует от него регулярных выплат The wife explained why their family broke up. Anastasiya Vedenskaya remember how I found out about the infidelity of a spouse. According to the woman, the family was postradala due to the behavior of Vladimir. The choice of the actor admitted that the sons are very worried.
Жена Владимира Епифанцева требует от него регулярных выплат

A few months does not subside, the conflict between Vladimir Epifantsev and his wife Anastasiya vedenskaya. The actress continues to insist that he wants to get from a spouse the monthly payments for the children. Some time ago the woman said that had caught her husband of infidelity. Now, Anastasia wants to get a divorce from Vladimir.

Vladimir yepifantsev said about divorce

“He understands that with two children we are not divorced automatically. Need a lawyer he needs to pay. Why should I spend the money I earn? But when I realized that divorce Vladimir does not want, said that she find a lawyer. He replied: “I sign the contracts nothing will.” But I’m not ready to divorce just like that. And it’s not about the money. I love the specifics and want to know exactly what such and such a date such and such a month will receive a certain amount that will be able to plan,” said the actress.

Vedenskaya claims that he always knew Vladimir perfectly, they had a special bond. However, recently he has changed. According to the wife of an actor, he was in some kind of sect, which so strongly influenced his worldview. Anastasia says that the mentor of this organization tried to separate them.

“My husband wore in his command amulets against me, and I said, “You’re a witch. Bewitch me.” I now have a sense of humor about this, and then got scared, felt that Volodya is going crazy. And now I don’t always know who you are dealing with, it say some other entity,” said the wife epifantseva.

As recognized by Anastasia, their family faced increased attention from the public. The sons of the proud and Gleb had problems in communicating with other children, and their parents began to look at the Vedenskaya with conviction. The woman admits that the boys took seriously the change in the family.

“Proud not very accept it now. The son, as I am a man of logic. And believes in many things father is behaving is disgusting. He had never seen, as we swore, and said, “Mom, I want you to leave.” But I always tell my kids that their dad is the best, and no other father they will have. He really has a lot of advantages, they can be proud of”, – said Anastasia in a revealing interview Womanhit.ru.