The wife of Valery Meladze gave vent to his feelings

Жена Валерия Меладзе дала волю чувствам The artist today is 52 years. Colleagues and friends leave on the page for Valery Meladze wishes. His wife Albina dzhanabaeva congratulated her husband, laying out a touching photo.
Жена Валерия Меладзе дала волю чувствам

Today, June 23, Valery Meladze age of 52. According to tradition, early in the morning in social networks, artist of congratulations to friends and colleagues, exposing photos and signing their good wishes.

One of the first publicly congratulated Valery wife, the singer Albina dzhanabaeva. The singer has posted on his page in Instagram touching, tender photo of the two of us. And signed short: “happy birthday!”

Жена Валерия Меладзе дала волю чувствам

Valery also said that day in his Instagram by posting photos with parents. And thanked the father and mother for life.

“Thank you to our dear parents for this wonderful world that I saw exactly 53 years ago!” – wrote Valery Meladze.
Жена Валерия Меладзе дала волю чувствам

To the congratulations joined colleagues and friends. Vera Brezhnev was a man of few words, but very eloquent. Igor Nikolaev congratulated a friend on his page in the social network. “Valerie, dear, happy birthday! Let it will be, how you want, where you want and with whom you want. Be happy!” congratulated friend Igor Nikolaev.

“Today is the birthday of a very good man and favorite artist – Valery Meladze. Now he has Instagram and you can congratulate him personally,” wrote Vera Brezhnev.

Valery Meladze in Batumi was born, then lived with his family in the Ukrainian Nikolaev. His first album “Sir” in 1995 made it popular. All the songs, which is singing. written by his elder brother Constantine.

The singer is the father of many children. From his first marriage he has three adult daughters, and two sons gave birth to Albina dzhanabaeva. The eldest was born, when Valery was still married. Artists for a long time hid their relationship, back and forth, but in 2014, Valery officially divorced with the first wife Irene, and married Albina, which in the same year gave birth to a second son from Meladze.

Many fans still can’t accept the difficult path to happiness his idol and condemn his beloved. However, the majority still sincerely love Valery Meladze for the scenic image of the last romantic and lyrical style of performance.

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