Жена Вадима Казаченко одержала громкую победу над мужем
Olga shared the latest details of litigation.

Olga Kozachenko

Photo: @olga__Olga kazachenko Instagram Kazachenko

Olga Kazachenko has declared that her husband — Vadim was denied a claim for recognition of her marriage to him fictitious. Thus, according to the wife of the artist, she was and continues to be the lawful wife of the star performer. The victory over Vadim and Olga told in social networks.

“Today on the appeal of Cathy Gordon and her company in the Moscow city court to Vadim Kazachenko’s claim was dismissed on the fictitious nature of our marriage. Our marriage as been legal, and left them with the moment of its conclusion,despite the fact that my husband, once in another “circumstance”, put me in such a vile story, at a time when I was carrying our child. And I don’t celebrate the victory for this reason. Rather, the liberation from all that hell that gave me and our son Vadim Kazachenko this for almost a year. Year of his lies, dirt, threats, humiliation, rained on us, and attempts to steal your child!” — said Olga.

Kozachenko said that now she won’t have to pay a multimillion-dollar lawsuit in the case of illicit enrichment, were filed in the court singer. However, she said that after their victory doesn’t feel safe, hinting that he feared the continuation of a showdown with star spouse outside of the court. “I’m even a little sorry that he was in such circumstances that he is now side by side to go with those people,whom he not so long ago could not stand. And now I don’t have to pay him a few million specified in the complaint about my illegal enrichment and that is a victory! Hope to physical violence it will not come…” — added Olga.

We will remind that in may of this year, Vadim took advantage of a loophole in the law and directly in the court proceedings married again — already on its Director Irina Amanti.