The wife of Vadim Kazachenko ripped his soul to shreds

Жена Вадима Казаченко разорвала его душу в клочья
The singer for the first time personally met Olga.

Vadim Kazachenko

Photo: Social Networks

Vadim Kazachenko who applied last week for medical assistance, posted a long message for his fans and detractors. In it, the actor shared details of the scandal with his wife Olga. As it turned out, Vadim for the first time I met Olga. The last six months he only saw her from the TV screen (the wife gave several interviews).

“The producers of the program “the Destiny of man” invited us to talk about our life and my creative life. Normal conversation did not happen and the program turned into a discussion of the legends and rumors regarding my personal life and the lives of my wife Irene.

To top it off, violating our agreement, the producers and editors of the program at the beginning of the first hour of the night brought to the set the woman is still lying about the fact that someone, not her, ruined her “happy family life”, complaining that she was tortured and not allowed to engage the child and participates throughout the year in numerous programs on TV, spends a lot of time. On her face there is no fear, which she writes on the Internet because in reality, she’s safe. She was well paid for my name and for my personal life…” — said Vadim.

Kozachenko confessed that as a result of this scandal feels persecuted and devastated: “She killed my former love, could not see me as a person, not the artist, became the wife and friend and continues to break my heart, killing me all life!” Meanwhile, Olga eve also explained his position associated with a court showdown with her husband. She insists that this “war” began, not her, and Vadim, who, with her words, sued her to the court long before she first decided to talk about his personal life all over the country.