The wife of Vadim Kazachenko filed for divorce

Жена Вадима Казаченко подала на развод
In the scandal of the artist with his wife can be resolved?

Vadim Kazachenko and his wife Olga

Photo: Social Networks

The wife of Vadim Kazachenko — Olga announced that filed for divorce. In the result of a long and messy court showdown (the married couples then cancelled, then re legality) Olga (not Irina Amanti) still listed as the official wife of the artist, about what she said yesterday. But soon it will be the former wife of musician. Olga filed the documents for divorce with Kazachenko.

“Son, he does not communicate, does not want to admit it. I was bullied in social networks, saying that the son does not exist, that families have with Vadim was not, but I recently received in the Registrar’s office a marriage certificate to divorce. As much as I got it, if not married to Kozachenko,” says Olga. The wife of Vadim told the program on the First channel, and then confirmed his words in an online broadcast in social networks.

Meanwhile, according to Olga, Vadim refuses material support son Philip. The court appointed child support in the amount of 13 thousand rubles, the son of the artist Philip and 18 thousand rubles for his mother. In the end in the month the singer has to pay about 30 thousand rubles. Some time ago, Olga was ordered to pay Vadim 1 million rubles. This amount was spent by the artist on her before the wedding.

Kozachenko in court argued that because of the scandal with Olga he was seriously weak in health. He suffered a heart attack on the wave of public proceedings with his wife. Health problems affected his health. Supposedly for this reason he had to suspend concert activity, and therefore his income decreased dramatically. In addition, he’s trying to sue Olga unfinished house, bought in marriage.