Жена Тимура Еремеева обратилась к Карине Мишулиной The wife of the artist asked the woman to stop the charges. Recently, Karina Mishulina changed counsel, then to the address of Timur Eremeeva new accusations surfaced. Evgeny Sokolov claimed that he saved him from prison.
Жена Тимура Еремеева обратилась к Карине Мишулиной

Timur Eremeev and Karina Mishulina continue to appear on different talk shows where the talk about new circumstances that arise with a confusing business relationship with Spartak Vasilyevich. The parties are tired of a showdown, but ready to fight to the end to defend the truth.

Karina regularly appeared in public together with her husband, and even led to the shooting of the daughters, but Timur tried to protect his family from the attention of cameras. However, the wife decided to go to the Mishulin.

“I understand your resentment, but I beg you, do not need such dirty games with fake people. Here’s how you don’t allow people to judge about your father, because they allegedly did not know him, and I won’t have you say such nasty things about my husband, because you don’t know him. I’ve known him for eight years. Moreover, I know that he’s had in the past. At least think for a second about what you said to your sibling, what do you say to his family. After all, it’s not true and you know it,” said the wife Eremeeva.
Жена Тимура Еремеева обратилась к Карине Мишулиной

The fact that recently Evgeny Sokolov announced that he was for eight months lived in the same apartment together with Timur. Moreover, the man had to take full responsibility in the case of drugs and to serve a sentence for the actor. However, the artist denied his acquaintance with this man. A friend of Timur Yeremeyev has declared, that did for him in prison

“I don’t know him at all, I never saw him again. In Barnaul I was not,” said Eremeev.

Timur told about the decision on excitation of criminal case against him. 19 April, the parties received the documents. Eremeev in the Studio program “Let them talk” said, what ruling he received.

“They were refused, everything is motivated. “Taking into account that during writing of the application Karina Mishulina Spartakovna and Valentina K. Mishulina had a subjective perspective on the incident and erred in good faith”. Those four or five words characterize the position of Karina,” concluded Timur.