The wife of the soloist of group “Prime Minister” reported the beating

Супруга солиста группы "Премьер-министр" сообщила об избиении
A few days ago the wife of a member of the popular group “Prime Minister” Marina Kireeva, who calls himself also a former member of the group “Ink”, told about the brutal attack in Saransk.

Супруга солиста группы "Премьер-министр" сообщила об избиении

The woman acted at the party, and after the concert was forced to go to the hospital. Marina believes that this is due to the irresponsible attitude of the organisers corporate event.

Супруга солиста группы "Премьер-министр" сообщила об избиении

“My dear friends! I was in the hospital. A large number of bruises, contusions, concussion, severe dislocation of the thumb, etc. it Happened due to the negligence of the organizers in Saransk, who were unable to ensure my safety,” – says Kireeva in Instagram.

After some time, the woman reassured fans by posting a new post.

“Today I was discharged from the hospital. The police is handling the case. I really difficult to write and to talk, but I need to stand up to the 12th, to work on… How to do it, I have no idea yet. (…) And perhaps my well-wishers are happy that Marina Kireeva missing as an artist and as a mother and as a human being… God bless them! And goodness to all! The names of all to thank can’t, but when you get up on your feet, with every contact, I hope, all remember. In any case, thank you! And it’s not fake,” wrote Marina.

Some suggest that the attack is due to the fact that a woman calls herself a former soloist of group “Colors” that some think is true.

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