The wife of the Russian oligarch boasted diamond in 70 carat

Жена российского олигарха похвасталась бриллиантом в 70 карат Ksenia Tsaritsyn showed elegant decoration. According to the model, the husband always makes her such gifts, thereby expressing feelings. The pair have been happily married for five years.
Жена российского олигарха похвасталась бриллиантом в 70 карат

Many girls dream to marry a successful man. And those who did, often the envy of other women. Ksenia Tsaritsyn, the famous model, who is happily married to Samara oligarch delights of many users of social children. She has two children, but according to her fans, the figure of a woman so slender, just like she never gave birth. For the life of a woman watching over 200 followers who often ask her advice.

In his model puts vivid images in bikini and pictures taken by professionals. Recently Tsaritsyn struck followers, showing them a new ring with a diamond of 70 carats. Many subscribers noted that a similar jewel was the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor, and after her death they were sold at auction for 8.8 million euros.

“My husband was never stingy with gifts. He now thought that 30 carat’s not enough for me,” said the tsarina.

Xenia lives in Dubai, so often shows followers a beautiful Arab country. Not the pictures you can see its luxury car brand Bentley and other luxury items. In one of the social networking model is actively communicating with fans and answering their questions. Many women ask how she manages to keep such a slim figure.

“I am in terms of appearance perfectionist. So after having two kids I want to be better than before and not worse. I’m a model, so it is very important to be in shape. Next to me a gorgeous man. And many more reasons. If you want to be in shape, you will find a bunch of reasons,” – says Ksenia.

However, a woman sometimes complains of the subscribers that she has a few close people she can call friends. “The girls are busy with your family as much as I do, we rarely meet,” said the tsarina.

We will remind, Xenia was born in Omsk. Early childhood model has been dancing, singing and acting. In 2011 she moved to study in Moscow, where he met with Alexei Shapovalov, who then got married and moved in with him in Samara. Then the couple settled in Dubai, where they have lived for five years.