Smolov's wife spoke about bullying on the Web In early June of this year, Dynamo striker Fedor Smolov married.

Football player Smolov's wife spoke about bullying on the Web His wife was 29- summer model and blogger Karina Istomina.

The day before, the girl told in her Telegram channel about the hate that she encountered in her life. According to her, ill-wishers wrote a lot of bad things not only to her, but also to her parents and friends.

Smolov's wife told about bullying on the Web

Probably , the most offensive was when they said that I needed to be sterilized, because I am a mentally ill drug addict and do not have the right to a family and children. I thought about these words for some time, ”wrote Istomina.

It is worth noting that the accusations of the haters turned out to be not entirely groundless.

In 2021, Karina said that she was addicted to illegal substances. She was also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

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