The wife of the actor “Cruel romance” Dmitry Buzylev told of his condition

Супруга актера «Жестокого романса» Дмитрия Бузылева рассказала о его тяжелом состоянии The wife of the honoured artist of Russia, told reporters about how he feels. According to Natalia Bazylevas, doctors assess the condition of men as heavy. Earlier, Dmitry Mikhailovich was diagnosed with an ulcer, and he underwent surgery.
Супруга актера «Жестокого романса» Дмитрия Бузылева рассказала о его тяжелом состоянии

In the media there have been disturbing reports about the health of 60-year-old honored artist of Russia Dmitry Buzylev. Journalists wrote that the famous actor, who is called the king of Gypsy songs, has got to resuscitation of one of capital clinics. The condition of the men is estimated as heavy.

Information about the deterioration of health Bazyleva confirmed his wife Natalia. According to the woman, the actor is in a medical facility for more than a week. The doctors are doing everything possible to make him better. According to some estimates, health Bazyleva deteriorated recently. Before the man was diagnosed with pneumonia, which failed to cure.

“Dmitry Mikhailovich was taken to hospital on October 13, he was diagnosed with a perforated ulcer and immediately had surgery. Now doctors estimate its condition as heavy. He took the camera, and he is now breathing on her own but remains in intensive care. He was in pain, and we didn’t even know from what, previously, he never had stomach issues,” – said Natalia Butyleva.
Супруга актера «Жестокого романса» Дмитрия Бузылева рассказала о его тяжелом состоянии

According to the woman, she repeatedly told her husband about what needs to be examined. However, the artist was busy with work. Buzylev was going to take part in the conference scheduled for the end of October. Dmitry Mikhailovich was planning to go to the doctors immediately after a significant event. Suddenly, however, the man felt unwell and was forced to postpone the case.

Dmitry Buzylev was born on 22 January 1957. The old Gypsy dynasty grew up in a musical family. At the age of 18 years, the young actor played brother Happy in the film “the camp leaves in the sky”. Then the sister of Dmitry Alena sang the song “Nane Cocha” which became the hallmark of the picture.

The famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, a longtime friend of the actor, their friendship began while working on the film “Sibiriada”. Subsequently, the artist repeatedly invited Bazyleva in the films. On account of the actor roles in such films as “My tender and gentle beast”, “Tehran-43”, “Cruel romance”, “Anna Pavlova”, “black Eyes”, “the Barber of Siberia” and “Burnt by the sun 2: Anticipation”. In 2009 Dmitry Buzylev crashed on the set. The doctors had to remove a hip artist.

In a recent interview with reporters, wife the stars Natalia Bazyleva lamented the fact that her husband left behind colleagues who are not in a hurry to get in touch with his family. “The screen actors Guild did not do the family any call. Just a shame how much he does for others, the honored artist, and what does,” quoted the woman the Agency urban news “Moscow”.