The wife of Sergey Zhukov’s afraid to get hurt at work

Жена Сергея Жукова боится пострадать на работе
Regina Burd shared details of their everyday work.

Photo: Instagram

The wife of Sergey Zhukov Regina Burd, owner of the famous Moscow bakery. The ex-soloist of group “VIA Slivki”, despite the fact that is the mother of three children, has a tiny frame and perfect figure. And every day she is in the room where the bake, taste, sell and eat some of the most delicious cakes and cupcakes in the capital!

“You have to work in extremely harsh conditions, said Regina. — Every day to watch the bakers bake the next temptation. To watch how juicy the berries and sugar make a fragrant jam. Inhale the smell of freshly baked spice cakes… It’s beyond forces. Pastry chefs are professionals with an iron will and sense of responsibility. Otherwise there is not survive!”

This business was opened by Sergei Zhukov for his beloved wife a few years ago. He bakes great cakes, so was the strictest and most faithful client family bakery. It all began with orders for friends, then for the fans who wanted to get a cake “from the Zhukov”, and then, because of the glory of group “Hands Up” and the correct advertising campaign, the orders literally poured in on Regina and her people. This year, Burd and Zhukov opened a second bakery, which is located on the luxury market of the Russian capital, where you can buy 1 kg of potatoes for 150 rubles.