The wife of Sergey Shnurov dissatisfied with his work

Супруга Сергея Шнурова недовольна его творчеством While on tour in Tyumen, the musician took part in a press conference at which he spoke about his relationship with his wife Matilde. In addition, Sergey Shnurov explained why he never thought to return to the group “Leningrad” the former soloists.
Супруга Сергея Шнурова недовольна его творчеством

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has visited Tyumen concert. The performance of the team was Packed. Happy audience shared their emotions from the event in social networks. According to many, Shnurov and his colleagues were able to charge the crowd with incredible energy.

While in Tyumen, the musician spoke at a press conference with journalists. Cord answered a few questions, telling about his work, relationship with my wife and told about musical Hobbies. Speaking with reporters, Sergey spoke about the “Leningrad”. According to Shnurov, he had not even considered returning to the group of Yulia Kogan.

Супруга Сергея Шнурова недовольна его творчеством “I don’t think it will strengthen the current composition. All questions about the breakup and that if I wanted someone back, I say: on Earth, eight billion people, more than half were women. Half of those five billion – absolutely terrible, and do not look at them. Well, there are two and a half billion. You can also from this number, someone to choose, why should someone have to return? Believe me, women are very much in the world,” shared Cords.

This artist stressed that his wife had one. Sometimes Matilda rides with her husband on tour, in other instances, Sergey prefers to go to his wife. On the question of criticizing if the second half of his work, Cord said, “Constantly.” At the same time, as said the musician, he not always listens to the recommendations of his wife.

Speaking about his musical Hobbies, the leader of the “Leningrad” admitted that he was interested in the work of Berlioz. The fact that Sergey Shnurov rehearses his role in the Opera “Benvenuto Cellini,” which decided to put on the stage of the Mariinsky theatre.

“In this Opera there is the time with the pipe. Than a good brass band, so that when the entire planet the power goes out and all the chips will burn, it will remain. Wind music and the human voice”, – said the artist.

Earlier Sergey Shnurov met with the journalist Olga Chebykin. The musician shared what he devotes more time, work or family. The artist believes that all need to maintain a balance.

“Matilda, it seems that I prefer to do my own thing. I always convince her otherwise. It is a dialectical balance”, – said Sergei in an interview with YouTube channel “decided Not to discuss it”.

In addition, Cord admitted that he considers himself a bad father from the point of view imposed by society standards. He also admitted that he asked his children, whether to talk about them in an interview. Those agreeing to this.