Жена Сергея Сафронова объявила о разводе
The wife of the illusionist admitted that delayed the parting with her husband because of the children.

Sergei Safronov with his wife Maria

Photo: @safronov_sergey Instagram Sergey Safronov

The news about the divorce, Sergey Safronov and his wife, Mary, came like thunder from a clear sky. That illusionist with his wife made the decision to leave became aware of the microblog Mary. The girl has posted a pretty detailed story that no longer is the wife Safronov. Moreover, it urged their friends and acquaintances not to associate her more with family and ex-husband.

“Dear friends! It so happened that my time has come to tell everything to someone is bad, but for someone I’m sure is good news. More I am not a part of the family Safronov. We all decided peacefully and all agreed.It was bound to happen sooner, but the kids had to be patient and wait until they grow up. Before retirement to wait we didn’t mean to… Ask everyone to associate me with these people is to stop doing it. Since I never was a public man!” — said Mary, after five years of marriage with Sergei. Among other things she thanked the older brother of the former husband, Ilya, because he helped and instructed Mary in difficult moments.

Among other things, she noted that holds no grudges for her ex-husband and hopes in the future to maintain Safronov after divorce warm and friendly relations. Recall, the couple grows two children: a daughter Alina and a son Vladimir.