Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

The head of the party “Fair Russia” in his youth had the reputation of a Heartbreaker, and after a while in such rumors is not difficult to believe. Sergei Mironov was married four times, as he argues, each time the big and light love. Now the wife of Sergey Mironov Olga journalist who has eight-year-old son from his first marriage.

First wife – Elena Danilova

His first love Sergei found, as is usually the case in school. Helen was a cousin of his classmate, and when she came to the in-laws, teenagers often see. However, the spark between them flared after Mironov served in the army. He entered the mining Institute and shortly after got married. At the time he was 24 years old.

		Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

Sergey Mironov served in the airborne

All lived in poverty then, the boys on the course was one full dress, which married all the lucky ones who are already lucky to find love.

Elena was educated in the field of linguistics, settled in “Intourist” and was often away on business trips. Geologist Mironov, too, was rarely at home. However, in 1979 they had a son, who at the moment is he is married and has children.

And in 1984 in one of the working visits to Mongolia, Sergei met with his counterpart, Any geologist and then he told his wife he divorces her.

Second wife – Love

Now, a politician calls time spent traveling around the country and short meetings with Any of the most romantic in my life.

He with his own hands made jewelry from minerals that he himself had found, and then gave many necklaces and bracelets Luba – such a gesture from the man is worth a lot. In the evening he played for her on guitar, and together they met the sunsets and sunrises. Not surprisingly, shortly Luba became the wife of Sergey Mironov. Romance of camp life, directly in the expedition had a daughter.

		Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

Sergei Mironov, one of the geological expeditions

Five years the young family lived in Mongolia, and then, in 1991, they returned to Russia. It was then that Sergey became interested in politics.

According to the recollections of others, Mironov was almost the perfect husband and father, went for groceries, drove daughter to school, indulged his wife with gifts and attention.

But twenty years later the personal life of Sergei made a sharp turn, and he had a new wife.

Third wife – Irina

Next novel, too, was the service. Got a job at the Legislative Assembly Secretary, and became first assistant novice politician and later chief Advisor to the Chairman of the legislative Assembly. Educated, well-mannered, well-groomed woman could not fail to attract the attention of Mironov. They have found many common themes and interests, including fishing.

		Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

Sergey and Irina

Until 2003, Mironov officially married with Love, which did not want to give him a divorce, not to destroy the family. But at that point the relationship with Irina Sergey has lasted for several years.

To his credit, he left the apartment in St. Petersburg with his second family and still maintains good relations with them as with his first wife, helping his children.

A loyal companion, smart, intelligent woman with dignity, holding himself in public – seemed Mironov found the perfect life partner.

However, the loser in the presidential race, and then the resignation of the speakers strongly shaken the faith of Irina in the wife and his self-esteem. In the end, he again left for another woman.

Fourth wife – Olga

Wife 60-year-old politician became the 29-year-old journalist originally from St. Petersburg. Love does not stop neither age nor the presence of Olga old son. Sergey educates stepson as my own.

		Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

Olga and her son

At the end of October in St. Petersburg was played wedding, and after the couple went on a honeymoon. He proposed to her Sergei very romantic: installed under Windows Billboard with a request to become his wife.

		Жена Сергея Миронова (семья, дети)

Wedding ceremony