Жена Сергея Зверева-младшего поведала об отношениях со свекром The beloved star of the heir gave a Frank interview. The wife of Sergei Zverev, Jr. dispelled rumors about her age and personal life before marriage. She also spoke about the desire to have children.
Жена Сергея Зверева-младшего поведала об отношениях со свекром

Recently, Sergei Zverev, Jr. married a second time. His choice was a girl named Julia, with whom he worked in the provincial hotel. Famous stylist on the wedding of the only son was not present.

According to the star sweetheart of the heir, her husband communicated with her father and tries to keep a normal relationship with him. But Julia to impose new relative wants.

“James talks with dad as possible. And here I am with Sergey Zverev senior are not in contact. Don’t want to be a burden. I never aspired to fame or notoriety. It’s not mine. Now working as an accountant in the same firm, and Serge programmer” – said Julia.

According to the girl, in recent months she struck a wave of criticism. There were rumors that the couple barely making ends meet and have credit debt. However, the star wife of the heir refutes such speculation.

“The financial problems we have, we even go to rest. Was this summer in Crimea. Next, maybe fly to some island abroad. We’ve been living together for two years, and no calls from collectors I’ve never heard of,” protested the girl.
Жена Сергея Зверева-младшего поведала об отношениях со свекром

Julia hastened to dispel several rumors about yourself. So, the media often appeared information about the huge age difference of the couple. According to the girl, she’s only 30 years old and before I met Sergei, she had never married. The beloved star of the heir argues that the long sought your man, and finally met him.

Julia’s family are well taken her lover. Now Zverev, Jr. communicates well with the parents of the girl, often staying with them. Pair even think about having children, so is their relationship.

“And when people ask me if I’m ready for kids, then answer this: “How will God send!”If you get kids, but it depends not on us,” says the girl.

In an interview, “Sobesednik” the one Zvereva Jr. said that at first she was confused by the star status of her husband. Now Julia is trying not to upset about the attention surrounding their family.