Жена Сергея Шнурова ограничивает себя в еде The wife of the musician has told how she manages to keep fit. Many fans of the family admire his grace Matilda, and she argues that carefully monitors the figure, and weight in order to stay slim.

The wife of the leader of the “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov Matilda tries to keep track of their appearance. Over a long period of time, it adheres to a proper nutrition to the body independently selected, he will be more useful. She decided to abandon carbohydrate foods, which, as stated in the recommendations, promotes fat storage.

“I did it not to lose weight, and in an attempt to understand what products are suitable for me, I decided to improve my knowledge about myself. Passed extensive blood and already it has received a recommendation: teach the body to obtain energy from carbohydrates and the right fats, and to remove the lactose, that is milk and products made from it – cream, butter, ice cream. Now that is my Breakfast (a choice, not all together at once, of course): any recipes of eggs (but no cow’s milk or cream, coconut milk), avocado, salmon, nuts, cheese, any vegetables and some fruits (those are the only carbs I have left), an advantage over citrus fruits,” – said Matilda on the page of the sports public, where recommendations are made about nutrition and fitness training.

At lunchtime Shnurov allows himself to eat fatty meats and fish. As a side dish Matilda eats greens and vegetables. In the evening, the owner of restaurant in Saint-Petersburg he leans on seafood and other sources of easy protein. After a month of this way of life the wife of the leader of the “Leningrad” saw the first results.

“Energy, I think, even more. But for the sake of gustatory habits remain fruit, to me enough of them. Further, importantly, the intervals between meals increased, the portions are greatly reduced. My Breakfast can now fit on the palm of your hand, and I eat lunch after 3-4 hours and in between I do not experience hunger, there is also a snack now is not necessary,” – said Matilda.

A little over a year ago, the wife of musician opened a farm shop at the restaurant “Kokoko”. Among the products presented jam made from pine cones, eggs, gluten-free bread with lentil flour and more. Delivery of orders is carried out only to locations within five miles away. If the buyer scored more products than a thousand, bring them in for free.