The wife of Sergei Kapkov gave him a daughter

Супруга Сергея Капкова подарила ему дочь A joyful event in a man’s life happened in the spring. And for Sophia, and her husband Sergei, the baby became the third in a row. The couple decided to name the baby an unusual name. In a recent interview with reporters Kapkov admitted that I did not go on maternity leave.
Супруга Сергея Капкова подарила ему дочь

Sergei Kapkov, the former head of the Department of culture of Moscow, currently occupying the position of head of one of the laboratory of economic faculty of Moscow state University, again became a father. As it turned out, a happy event in the family of man has occurred in may. Statesman and his wife Sophia, the founder of the “Center of documentary cinema”, called my daughter name Zoe.

Darling Sergey Kapkov has not taken maternity leave. While waiting for the baby, the woman has made break in work and continued to go out and watch the documentary film. Despite his busy schedule, Sophia manages to find time for communication with children – heirs from a previous relationship with Ivan and Nastya, as well as the charming Zoe.

“I go to film markets, festivals, workshops and master classes. Thanks to the Internet I am always connected. This speeds up the resolution of any issues. I have no separation between the working and non-working time. It’s an honest answer. In this case we have a big family – my oldest daughter will be 18 years old and the youngest five months. As such maternity leave I was not,” the woman told reporters.

In the family Capkovic joke that Zoe needs to grow a ballerina. The fact that her mother, who is also Director of the festival of modern choreography CONTEXT. Diana Vishneva during pregnancy visited a large number of high-profile events.

In recognition of Sophia, the family share her passion for documentaries and even occasionally suggest she was a movie star. So, the older woman’s daughter Nastya, who is interested in ecology, over the last few months showed his mother a few tapes on the subject. Kapkov was left delighted with them and called the work of the filmmakers is incredible.

During the conversation with reporters, the wife of Sergei Kapkov spoke about the fact that sometimes talks to the eldest heir-to-heart. Recently, Sophia asked Nastia, does she a bad mother. The woman said that I worked too much and sometimes incorrectly prioritized. “My wise daughter said, “So this is who I am. I have a very interesting and eventful life. And I’m very grateful for that,” said the beloved statesman and scientist.

By the way, September 10, “Center for Documentary film” marked an important date. Cultural institution was five years old. According to Sophia Caprovoi, the highest award for her praise of the audience. “I’m proud of what we do”, – quotes the woman magazine Hello!.

Recall that Sophia was the second wife of Sergei Kapkov. In the previous marriage with presenter Catherine Grinchevsky he had two children – Sofia and Ivan.