T-Killah's wife spoke about the frightening consequences of her pregnancy Maria Tarasova shared the details on her YouTube- channel.

T-Killah's wife opens up about the horrifying aftermath of her pregnancyThe wife of the rap artist T-Killah Maria Tarasova (Belova) shared with the subscribers of her YouTube channel the difficulties she faced during and after pregnancy. According to the girl, after all, there were some complications.

The wife of rapper T- Killah spoke about the frightening consequences of her pregnancy

Recall that the musician and his wife first became parents in March this year. The baby was born in Argentina. T-Killah broke the happy news to his blog followers by posting a touching snap on his social media. The frame captures how he carefully holds the baby in his arms. At the same time, the artist looks at his face with a smile.

T-Killah's wife told about the frightening consequences of her pregnancy

And a few days ago, his 33-year-old wife Maria on her YouTube channel decided to remember how difficult it was for her during pregnancy. According to the young mother, nine months passed quite pleasantly for her (if you do not take into account the fact that she gained 18 kg), but still there were complications.

“At the eighth month of pregnancy, my hands started to hurt , wrists predominantly. They hurt very strangely, in specific positions, when touched. And if you look at my one and the other hand, you can see that the wrists are a little more pronounced than they should be, ”said Maria.
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