The wife of Prince Charles is blackmailing the Royal family

Жена принца Чарльза шантажирует королевскую семью

Camilla Parker-Bowles decided to take revenge on the Royal family for the disgrace.

It seems that in 67 years, Prince Charles will become eligible bachelor! After 11 years of marriage and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles filing for divorce. Charles and Camilla were familiar for some 40 years, most of which were in relationships. But there is a twist!

I found the Duchess of Karnolsky, is unclear. For many years rumor has it that the lady is abusing alcohol for what it does not like mother-in-law Queen Elizabeth II.

However, don’t like Camille at court not only for that. She met Charles in her youth, began a novel, but no luck the Prince recovered to the service, and the girl took it and married another. When he returned, Charles was married to the future darling of the UK Princess Diana. But Camille kept in touch. For her to blame because it contributed to the collapse of the family Princess…

And when Charles, after the death of Diana took and married the one that ruined his family life, subjects do not forgive. Camilla Parker-Bowles simply disliked everything.

And now, after so many years, offended woman had a plan of revenge. She demands a divorce and $ 360 million from the Royal family. But if no money, then threatened to give out all the secrets of the Palace. That is, sell to the press for a fee.

The Prince this news has not yet commented. Perhaps he hoped to reason with a spouse or raising money…