The wife of Pierre Narcisse supported raped by husband’s mistress

Жена Пьера Нарцисса поддержала изнасилованную любовницу мужа
Had revealed shocking details of the life of “Chocolate Bunny”.

Dionne Warwick with his wife Valerie and daughter Caroline


A graduate of “American idol” Pierre Narcisse became the main hero of the criminal chronicle. Just two women have accused him of violence. The first was his lover — radio host Marianne Suvorov, according to which the artist was raped and brutally beat her. She already wrote on the singer’s statement to the police and intends to seek his punishment.

Marianne said that Pierre started to take care of it for a month before the incident. An affair with a narcissist, according to Suvorova, started very nicely: he proved himself a romantic, was very courteous. However, the beautiful story ended in the evening when radio host agreed to spend the night with him. Marianne recalls with horror what happened. As she States, Pierre, being in a state of intoxication, beat her and repeatedly raped. After that Suvorov was on a hospital bed.

“I was in so much pain because everything was absolutely wild. All I saw was a crumpled bed sheet and blood. He beat me because I screamed and called for help. He pinched my mouth and nose so I couldn’t breathe. I cried and begged him. He threw me somewhere rolled… I began to lose consciousness. This happened a few times!” — shared Marianne.

The wife of Narcissus Valerie Kalacheva not surprised that her husband has a mistress. Moreover, it supported the victim, confessing that she recently wrote on her husband’s statement to the police. Valerie confirmed the words of Marianne that Pierre can easily lift a hand to the girl. She became the repeated victim of domestic violence. Valerie I’m sure that the reason of alcohol addiction of the narcissist. Not so long ago, she filed for divorce from Pierre.

The saddest thing is that the couple is growing 11-year-old daughter Carolina, who had witnessed inappropriate behavior of the father. The wife of singer some time ago, they isolated a daughter from her husband, but he allegedly attempted to kidnap a child. Pierre has not yet given any comment on the accusations of the wife and the mistress.