The wife of Pierce Brosnan showed curvy shape on the beach

Жена Пирса Броснана показала пышные формы на пляже
The wife of “James bond” is not shy about its figures.

Жена Пирса Броснана показала пышные формы на пляже

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith


Keeley Shay Smith


Recently in the Network
there were shots taken by paparazzi in Sicily, where pierce Brosnan was resting with
his wife Keeley Shay Smith. However, the couple never tried to hide from
photographers. After all, none of them are ashamed of their figures. Made on the island
the pictures were published, in particular, on the website

Pierce came to
Sicily to rest, taking advantage of a pause in his shooting
chart. He had just completed work on
Thriller Director Martin Campbell “Alien”, where his partner was
Jackie Chan. Brosnanu just needed to relax, because
then he would face intense shooting
several projects in a row, among which is the sequel of the musical “Mamma MIA”.

Brosnan is no accident
came to Sicily not alone: he always takes out a beloved wife to the resorts.
Moreover, the 53-year-old Keeley regularly flaunts in a swimsuit, not at all embarrassed
the fact that her figure, to put it mildly, far from the “model”. The wife of the Pier and this
again proudly walked down the beach and splashing in the waves. And Brosnan himself,
the most part, rested in the shade on a lounger under the awning, with a Cup of tea.
Incidentally, the 64-year-old pierce has demonstrated that it is quite good
for his age form.

Allegiance to Pierce it
wife, with whom he lives for more than 15 years, admired by his fans. After all
the imposing actor, famous role of 007 that never was
suspected of intrigues with fellow Actresses. However, pierce was certainly true
and his first wife Cassandra who died of cancer in 1991…