The wife of Nicholas Trumpeter spouse returned from the dead

Жена Николая Трубача вернула супруга с того света The beloved musician had done everything for her beloved. The Trumpeter Nicholas suffered bilateral pneumonia. He was glad that loved ones and doctors cared for him in the hospital for two months. After recovery the man left the race for popularity.
Жена Николая Трубача вернула супруга с того света

At the end of the 90s the song “Blue moon” has enjoyed immense popularity. Millions of people humming to the hit that propelled his performers, Nikolay Trubach and Boris Moiseev, to the pinnacle of success. This song has received numerous awards and prizes.

Now, however, about the composer and singer Nicholas Trumpet player hardly anyone remembers. The artist left the big stage as suddenly as it had captured her. As it turned out, the musician was battling a serious illness. Because of the heavy touring life, the man came down with bilateral pneumonia. The disease was so neglected that doctors even offered to do the surgery to remove one lung. However, his wife Elena was not allowed to deprive him of his authority.

“My salvation I owe to my wife Lena. She’s the main fighter and fighter, she did not give me to kill. Doctors expelled from their clinics, but she never gave up and eventually turned out to be right. Therefore, until the last drop of blood I will be grateful for it,” said the Trumpeter.
Жена Николая Трубача вернула супруга с того света

The actor remembered that his wife tried to save him. She found a method of regenerative breathing exercises, brought rare drugs from abroad. Nicholas remembered that due to the illness lost half his usual weight.

“Then no pain for me it was impossible to watch. I lost a lot of weight, weighed only 56 pounds, is two times less than my usual weight. It was a terrible sight. I felt awful: I couldn’t what to work and to sing or play the trumpet, I even wash in the shower was not able without assistance”, – shared memories of the musician.

Жена Николая Трубача вернула супруга с того света

Two months in the hospital and the efforts of a close person has done his job – the man went to the amendment. However, after such a terrible trials of the Trumpeter changed his views on life. He realized that he should not risk health for the sake of fame and popularity. The artist realized that the best thing for him is family. Nicholas admitted to the edition “the Interlocutor” that decided to leave the tour and more time to spend with loved ones.

“And I am very glad that the last 15 years I was able to pay enough attention to his family, his children. I think I made the right decision – to end a crazy dance in our show business, which hurt many of my colleagues,” said the Trumpeter.