Жена Николая Караченцова о здоровье актера: «Опухоль уменьшилась» A year ago, the doctors diagnosed Nicholas Karachentsov lung cancer. After several courses of radiation therapy the state of the actor has improved. Lyudmila Porgina noted that the actor is feeling well and spends time at the dacha outside Moscow.
Жена Николая Караченцова о здоровье актера: «Опухоль уменьшилась»

Within a few months Nikolai Karachentsov is fighting for her life — a year ago, the 73-year-old actor was diagnosed with lung cancer. At first doctors thought that the artist just inflammation, but repeated examination found a serious problem. Recently, the artist and his wife returned to Russia from Israel, where Karachentsov was undergoing treatment.

“Throughout the summer, we live in a country house. We have very picturesque, fresh air, is where to walk. We, as always, helps our nurse Hope. She’s with Nicky doing gymnastics, they read together, teach poetry. Every morning after Breakfast go for a walk, go for a few laps around the house. When nick gets tired, they sit down on a bench, admire the flower beds, of which we have many. Kolya feels well. In Israel, he underwent a course of radiation therapy. Then he took a picture, which showed that the tumor decreased markedly. Before we even did a course in Moscow. Apparently, all this together gave a positive result,” — said Lyudmila Porgina.

Porgina here for more than ten years is not only the actor’s wife, but also his faithful assistant. In 2005, during a terrible accident Nikolay Petrovich suffered a serious head injury. 26 days in a coma was very similar an eternity, after which the star of stage and cinema had to re-learn to walk and talk.

“It is important that each person, despite different circumstances, he lived with dignity. I want Kolya our example inspired others, because persons with disabilities have the right to vivid life and presence in the community. Therefore, we prepare the cultural program: I go to plays friends, go to concerts, attend exhibitions,” shared Porgina.

Polina recalls the period when Karachentsov has returned to normal life after the coma. As it seems, the husband had changed after the incident — and it’s not in the right condition, and that he has become much wiser.

“After returning from the other world Kohl’s for a long time could not speak. He asked the paper. Then it became difficult, according to the letter write: “Where am I? Where are the parents?” I said he was home, alive, and none of his parents are no longer alive. Took him by the hand and make him feel my warmth. Then he said that he was “there”, saw the angels, who took him by the hand and flew with him up. And at that moment he felt an incredible bliss, warmth, joy… My husband has always been wise, and having been on the other side, became even wiser. Before him opened important truths. The meaning of life, he says, is to enrich and develop his soul,” — said Polina “Interlocutor”.