Жена Михаила Задорнова рассказала о его измене 10 Nov 2017 Mikhail Zadornov died of cancer. Today, the artist would have celebrated 70-summer anniversary. The comedian loved life, including the fact that she gave him two beautiful women, whose images will forever remain in his heart.
Жена Михаила Задорнова рассказала о его измене

Mikhail Zadornov did not 10 November last year. The cause of death was a malignant brain tumor. But in the past he predicted a terrible disease — a friend named Lyuba Zadornov is assured that you will have to fight the tumor, though benign, but the satirist then just laughed.

Many years later he recalled the Lyuba and, perhaps, regretted that did not take seriously to her words. Mikhail Nikolaevich in the power of youth believed: it all begins. Around this time he played a role in the Comedy “I Want your husband”, based on his script. It was only three characters: a cheating husband, the wife and the mistress. Something similar was going on in his personal life, however, it does not look like a Comedy.

The artist, being married to Velta Kalnberzina, stepped towards the new romantic feeling. He was fascinated by Elena Bombini that was younger than him by 16 years. “My friend and I were sunbathing on the beach, and she accidentally saw a piece of the announcement that the sports Palace is a modular concert of Soviet humorists. Offered to go to this concert,” recalled Elena Bombina.

After the concert the girls were backstage. Friend was familiar Zadornov and provided Elena as his groupie.

“I confessed to him that collected his lyrical stories. He was flattered, but didn’t believe me. And the next day I had to show him the green portfolio, which contained these same stories. Then I saw in his eyes a desire to form me,” recalled Elena’s first encounter with her future husband.
Жена Михаила Задорнова рассказала о его измене

Zadornov did not notice as it appeared between two fires: he could not break up with Elena, who accompanied him everywhere as an administrator, but the family as well throw could not. Velta was not just his wife, but part of that close circle of people who were devoted to him throughout life. Mikhail Nikolaevich for a long time managed to hide his infatuation with Helen from loved ones, and in 1990 they had a daughter.

Satirist baby named Helen in honor of my mother, gave her his name. Parting with Velta was inevitable: the couple lived together for 36 years, but feelings for another woman picked up.

Mikhail Zadornov puzzled relatives, leaving two wills

“We traveled all over the world. The holidays were always a big surprise to daughter, because two days before the new year, he could come up with some unexpected trip. From the cradle he was reading her Gumilev, Pushkin, instilled a love of classical music,” shared Elena.