Жена Леонида Парфенова: «У нас опять пополнение!»
The wife of TV presenter Elena Chekalova admitted that in their family had a little boy.

Elena Chekalova and Leonid Parfenov

Photo: Facebook

The wife of Leonid Parfyonov, a famous TV presenter and
wonderful chef Elena Chekalova shared with fans joyful
news. “Our family has again replenished! — so Elena signed photo
his Instagram,
which shows the puppy French bulldog is still a baby. Is
boy.” Chekalova invited subscribers to choose the dog’s name, promising
the author of the best option to give a cake for Easter. The next day Elena
thanked all who responded, but said that the decision to accept will not be
she, and her daughter Maria. “Dear friends, thank you for so heartily
responded to our happiness is, by the way, no less valuable than people
respond to mount. A lot of great sentences — shared wife
Leonid Parfenov. But baby Machines and it will choose itself”.

Interestingly, only about a month ago, the family
the broadcaster had loudly celebrated the completion of: the more “solid”. In
February Parfenov for the first time became a grandfather, his son Ivan was born.
Daughter-in-law Parfenova, Maria Broytman, gave birth to a boy weighing 3940 grams and height
54 centimeters. The baby was named Michael.

“Grandma next to grandpa. Yes, today in our
family happiness: he was born Mikhail Ivanovich Parfenov-Breitman. Weight 3940, 54 cm I —
grandma! Many of my friends the title is not that shy, but
prefer to their grandchildren called them “Mary” or “Lena”. But we need to talk — just
grandma and grandpa,” — said then Chekalova.

Interestingly, this year, Leonid and Elena will overcome an important milestone.
In 2018 they will celebrate pearl wedding: Parfenov
inseparable with his wife for 30 years. But the son, the couple also has an adult
daughter Maria.

And we have again replenished. The author of the best name will get me a cake for Easter. It’s a boy

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