Жена Константина Хабенского впервые вышла в свет после родов
Olga Litvinova, a month after the birth of the child showed the lovely shape.

Olga Litvinova with a colleague at the Moscow art theatre Yana Sekste

Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

The actress of the Moscow art theatre.Chekhov Olga Litvinova just a month ago for the first time became a mother. She and Konstantin Khabensky was born a daughter, Alexandra. And here’s Olga for the first time after childbirth was published, showing a slim figure and good mood. It happened in native Litvinova walls, its theatre. Olga came to the end of the season that the troupe always celebrates in a warm informal setting for the dinner table.

By the way, Litvinova tolerate pregnancy easily. Artist to last week came on stage. Apparently, not going to postpone new mommy and his return in the new season to your favorite scene. It looks like Olga is just gorgeous!

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