Супруга Константина Эрнста впервые показала семейную идиллию The choice of the producer congratulated him on his birthday. On Tuesday Konstantin Ernst turned 57 years old. Actress Sofya Zaika has published a rare picture with a loved one from the personal archive. Users of social networks found a couple very harmonious.
Супруга Константина Эрнста впервые показала семейную идиллию

Recently, the actress Sofya Zaika does not hide his chosen one. Young woman happy in marriage with the media Manager Konstantin Ernst. 6 Feb producer turned 57 years old. Early in the morning Konstantin Lvovich began to congratulate in social networks. Relatives and friends of the head of the First channel and wish him health and happiness. The post Ernst has dedicated and his wife.

Sophia issued a joint photo with her husband, where they are sealed at the table. The couple looks very happy.

“Today, favorite holiday! Happy birthday! You’re perfect!”– shared the actress.

Subscribers artist found that they perfectly fit each other. “The perfect couple”, “Health, happiness, many joyful events and, of course, prosperity”, wrote the followers of Sophia.

Actress and Director Renata Litvinova working with Sophia, unveiled the picture, which the producer sealed with the singer Zemfira. «Loves!”– such a media Manager left the theatre and cinema celebrity. Fans Litvinova thanked her for a lovely frame. “You know how to congratulate”, “How cool”, “Sunny”, “Awesome”, “Incredible beauty”, “Excellent”, “Good”, commented the fans of Renata.

Igor Nikolaev acceded to the wishes of the friends of Konstantin Ernst. The artist has published a picture together with producer and remembered the past.

“Konstantin Ernst – 57! Remember bright stylish editions of “the Matador”, remember the three sat together with Leonid Parfenov and came up with “Old songs about the main thing”, then these “Old songs” went to the United States, and in Radio City Music Hall in new York, talked backstage with then-mayor Giuliani, do you remember how started the program “Two stars”… I wish the new peaks, superproject, and of course, happiness and health!”– Nikolaev wrote on Instagram.

Add that to the birthday of the head of the First channel Sofya Zaika did not share joint photos with her husband on Instagram. But on the occasion of a loved one 29-year-old actress decided to make an exception. For the first time about the relationship of the pair became known in 2013. According to some, Konstantin Ernst got married with Sophia last summer, although official confirmation of this information was not forthcoming. Recently, the actress changed her name on social media. In addition, the young woman sign in gossip columns as “Sophia Ernst”. In open sources, there is evidence that the producer and his lady two daughters, who were born in 2016 and 2017.