The wife of Konstantin Ernst is experiencing due to bereavement

Жена Константина Эрнста переживает из-за тяжелой утраты
Sofia mourns deceased grandfather.

Sophia Ernst grandpa

Photo: @sofyapavlovna Instagram of Sophia Ernst

Actress Sophia Ernst recently lost a beloved grandfather. About it the actress said the publication of a personal blog. In recording 30-year-old actress admitted that it’s hard loss. According to Sophia it had a special relationship with a deceased relative. Grandfather was Ernst best friend and role model.

“Farewell, my angel, my best friend, my heart, my core, my handsome grandfather. So hard to let go…” says Sophia. Close friends and colleagues support the actress and to write words of sympathy.

Meanwhile, left about a month before a loud theatrical premieres with the participation of Sophia: the actress will take the stage with the Moscow art theater troupe performance of “Three sisters” directed by Konstantin Bogomolov (husband Darya Moroz). In the formulation also involved: Alexander Child, Sophia Evstigneev, Sophia Reisman,Svetlana Ustinova. In addition, one of the main roles got cold. In “Three sisters” also had to be busy died a month ago, Oleg Tabakov. He was assigned the role of Russian doctor.

It should be noted that although Sophia and changed her maiden name Zaika for Ernst, her husband has not yet given any official comment on the topic of marriage with a young actress. The couple shunned publicity and protects the family from importunate attention of strangers.