The wife of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers had a miscarriage

У жены Джонатана Риз-Майерса случился выкидыш
Recently, the family of the stars of “the Tudors” Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and his wife Mary lane had a grief, they lost a second child.

У жены Джонатана Риз-Майерса случился выкидыш

The couple have been together for 4 years, and in their family growing up the son of Wolfe, and the couple eagerly awaited the birth of her second child. But unfortunately, the woman suffered a miscarriage.

“Now we are trying to cope with grief. It’s hard to fight depression when you have problems and you suffer from alcoholism. But Jonathan’s the strongest person I know. Your problems and your pain, it transforms into art. I don’t know any single person who would go through the same as he, and thus was able to achieve such success,” shared Mara.

Recall that the actor is suffering from alcohol dependence, and persistent depression.

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