Супруга Игоря Николаева впервые рассказала о том, как выхаживала новорожденную дочку
Julia Proskuryakova frankly about his difficult mother’s fortune.

Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev

Photo: @uliaveronika Instagram Yulia Proskuryakova

Julia Proskuryakova decided to openly talk about the difficult period of his life. The singer first spoke about the fact that her daughter was born premature. Veronica, as it turned out, was born at 36.5 weeks and weighed only 2695 grams.

Now, when Veronica and by all accounts she caught up with the rules, Proskuryakova already easily recalls how nursed the tiny girl. However, immediately after birth Veronica was in a state of shock. The singer has admitted that he was not ready to such succession of events, but, with the support of my mother and husband, was able to cope with difficulties.

“My daughter was born unexpectedly in Jurmala, 36 and a half weeks, weighing in at 2695 grams (at discharge, we weighed 2420 grams). We put the prematurity of 1 degree. We do not lay the probe in the incubator under the lamp, too, was not lying, but we had a problem with the sucking reflex, and normal feeding, we have established only on day 4… you need to Feed it 8-10 times a day, and on the second day it was a real stress for me, and for Nicky and for the nurses at any time of the day and night helped Nick there is my milk! It seemed to me that the stars can appear on the ceiling even in the morning. But due to the fact that town believed (and, in my opinion, rightly so) that a child should keep near the mother, and that all this agony will bear fruit, we suffered and had not resorted to using the probe!” — rasskazala Proskuryakova Letidor.ru.

At some point, Julia moved from Jurmala in Russia, where it collided with incompetent doctors because of which she lost hope that to cope with the situation. “In Russia, too, has good doctors, but in my case, the doctor of Jurmala were more skilled and savvy in this matter, because this same problem in a Russian hospital I was described as terrible and dangerous. So I clocked that I spent half the night crying and thinking that my child will never get better, blaming myself and thinking why me!” she said.

After going through such an ordeal and having the experience of nursing Veronica, Julia says that the most important thing in this situation to believe in themselves and in their child. The wife of Nikolaev is now trying to support women faced with a similar situation in life. “First and foremost you have to believe in your child, to feel it — and then no prematurity you will not be afraid! You can do this with him and, of course, ideally with a good doctor. But if this is not meet, then your intuition, love, faith, patience and attention to help you with any premature problems!” — says Yulia.