Жена Игоря Кириллова назвала его главное требование The famous presenter was married again in 2008. Igor Kirillov grieved at the death of the first spouse, and therefore a new relationship it literally saved. However, men had their own requirements for an ideal beloved.
Жена Игоря Кириллова назвала его главное требование

The legendary host of “Time” Igor Kirillov rarely discusses personal life. He was married to childhood friend Irina Vsevolodovna more than thirty years. The couple worked together in “Ostankino” and colleagues did not get tired to admire their understanding. When the woman died in 2004, the speaker is depressed.

From the sad thoughts he was saved by a new relationship. Fiancee Igor Kirillov worked in the store who loved to visit leading. In the program “a Perfect repair” Tatiana Alexandrovna remembered how she developed their romance.

“We knew each other back in 2008. Then Igor often walked past my shop, we are constantly greeted, talked. Then he began to read me his poetry, and his own. So there was mutual sympathy. I remember the first thing I have learned if I knew how to cook pasta. For him it was very important. Apparently after the death of his wife missed the good food,” – said Tatiana.
Жена Игоря Кириллова назвала его главное требование

Now the couple live in perfect harmony and almost never argue. Tatiana was surrounded by the legendary leader of the care which he needed. The experts of the program “a Perfect repair” Kirillov asked to transform a kitchen.

In the apartment of the speaker, overlooking the Moscow river has not done the repairs. Kirillov said that she loves this house, because here he spent the happiest years of his life with his first wife. However, the designers decided to make the lead a surprise and transform not only the kitchen but also bathroom. As a result, the man remained in admiration of the repairs. Especially the couple impressed with the new kitchen.

“It’s just incredible. Kitchen — this is the face of any hostess, so for me it was so important that she looked good. So now Igor get ready. I will be spoiling you with new treats,” said Tatiana.

Igor Kirillov and his wife live very modestly. They rarely go out and enjoy socializing with each other. Fans are sure that the leading incredibly happy with the chosen one, and that it is now his source of inspiration.