The wife of Gleb Zhemchugova decided to run away from him

Жена Глеба Жемчугова решила от него сбежать Participant of the reality show said that in the near future is leaving “the House–2”. She wrote about this on his page in the social network. Members supported her choice, even though they were extremely surprised, because it is not believed that the departure of the Olga could happen so soon.

      Olga Zhemchugova intention to stay in the “House–2”. The girl informed the followers that she has a plan to live on the perimeter of the project. She also thanked all those people who support and continue to do so. Obviously, viewers who are familiar with Olga, I realized what made her come to this decision, so they did not discourage her.

      Zhemchugova hopes that she will be able to implement all that she has planned and probably planned for a long time, but couldn’t do due to the participation in the reality show. The majority of followers have expressed hope that the perimeter she will be able to find your true happiness and find inner harmony. Some netizens said that in recent years their relations with her husband Gleb by Zhemchugova has reached its limit, and there is no point in trying to rekindle the extinct feelings. Someone was of the opinion that Olga is urgently needed to get a divorce, because such a life cannot bring happiness and prosperity. Netizens are sure that Olga is a decent girl and she must not waste time.

      “All solved. In the head of a clear plan of action. I will succeed! Soon I leave the TV project “Dom–2″. Thank you all for your support,” wrote Kim on Instagram.

      However, not all fans Olga agreed with her. There were those who advised not to ruin a family for the child and try to establish a relationship. The conflict, in the opinion of the subscribers that happen in each pair, and only strong people find the courage to accept and fight for the benefit of a common future. Followers believe that if Zhemchugova and leave the telestroke, it is likely that this will be for the glib reason to think, and how well he behaved.

      “Now that’s closer to the truth. A clear plan of action. Boy, once a man can’t make decisions, you did it!”, “Well done! You will do it! Good luck! We need to move on!”, “Olga, you all must succeed! You have everything for it!” – wrote in the microblog followers girls.

      We will remind that Olga came to the project in July 2015. Even then, she appeared on the telestroke husband Gleb and determinacy son Misha. The first problem in the pair began when the husband Zhemchugova began to share with other members details of their intimate life. And then the girl had doubts of the fidelity of the beloved. The events of recent years have brought Olga to despair, and so she prepared to leave. And while it remains unclear whether to leave Hleb for wife or would prefer to stay in the “House–2”. The star of “House-2” Olga Wind: “I do everything to keep the family together”