Жена Глеба Клубнички ушла в отрыв после расставания с ним The star of “House-2” lit in a nightclub with friends. Olga Wind entertained at a merry party. The young mother immediately rushed to condemn the followers of her microblog that she has shared photos and details about the meeting with her friends.

      Жена Глеба Клубнички ушла в отрыв после расставания с ним

      The former participant “Houses-2” Olga the Wind, a little more than a week ago left the telestroke, which is still her husband and the father of their child Misha Gleb Zhemchugov, trying to start a new life.

      Judging by microblog young mother, missing her once. Olga settles into a new apartment that rented for herself and her son in Moscow, fun and happy meetings with friends.

      Last Friday, the girls went off in one of night clubs of the capital. Girlfriend fun lit dance hits. Olga the Wind had fun with the other like she’s not the one experiencing these days the painful breakup with the father of her son Gleb by Zhemchugova. Probably because it is easier to cope with a difficult life situation.

      Жена Глеба Клубнички ушла в отрыв после расставания с ним

      Wanting to capture the bright moments, the ex-participant of “House-2” generously shared videos and pictures with the dance floor in his microblog. It should be noted that not all subscribers will Olga Wind in solidarity with her in her desire to have an occasional holidays myself. Many believe that a young mother should always be close to your baby, not to have fun with friends.

      “You can only support these ladies like you, who only have the clubs and not the house and family!” “Baby you need to sit and do like a normal mom, not the clubs out. You should be ashamed, and to walk you had before marriage and before the child is born!”, such moralizing comments leave some followers of Olga. Others fully support it: “well Done! I have my son every weekend with his grandmother, with one or the other. All the rest you need! Directly all are fluffy. Mom needs to relax!”

      Olga the Wind became silent and answered all the detractors, telling them to care for her children, not her life.

      Meanwhile, Gleb Zhemchugov very upset because of the breakup with Olga. He claims that he realized his mistake and is now trying all means to get your wife back. Gleb Zhemchugov begs forgiveness from wife

      Despite the conflict, Pearls and the Wind trying to behave correctly and to make from family problems was not injured their son Misha. The boy turns spending time with mom and dad. Fans of “House-2” look forward to that pair, which else recently seemed to be ideal, find the strength to forget old grudges and make peace.