The wife of Gleb Samoilov hinted at pregnancy

Жена Глеба Самойлова намекнула на беременность The girl published a photo, forcing her followers to make certain conclusions. Infamous eks-the participant of group “Agatha Christie” Gleb Samoilov spring married the journalist Tatyana Larionova, with which he is happy in marriage.

      Жена Глеба Самойлова намекнула на беременность

      Ex-member of the rock group “Agata Kristi”, may soon become a father. Gleb Samoilov recently said goodbye to single status – the actor married one of his groupies, a journalist from Moscow Tatiana Larionova. And now, after just a few months, the graduate of the pedagogical University was made in “Instagram,” an allusion to the imminent addition to the family.

      The girl has published in the microblog photo with a chocolate bar brand. She bites two sticks Twix and smiles happily. Interestingly, the caption to the photo even more intrigued followers Tatiana. “No one will realize that this moment is historic,” wrote the wife Samoilova.

      “The first time you try?”, “You’re pregnant?”, “Well, of course, a Twix – two bars! People are people,” “like a child”, “When all the time on the diet, one piece – historic moment,” shared insight subscribers girls. “People, stop” – she wrote all opponents, adding a laughing smiley.
      Жена Глеба Самойлова намекнула на беременность

      It is noteworthy that in the comments Tatiana did not write directly a refutation of a possible pregnancy. It is possible that the guesses of followers turned out to be true, because once they have shown attentiveness.

      We will remind, the fans Samoilova in the early spring I noticed that in the life of a musician occur miraculous metamorphosis. They drew attention to a ring that is not the first day sparkles on the ring finger of the right hand girls Gleb.

      However, Tatiana and she made a clear allusion to the wedding on 17 March. “This day is ours,” she signed in your Instagram publishing with a big bouquet of tulips. Of course, many followers had already regarded it as a possible date of marriage.

      Gleb Samoilov married for the third time

      Later, the information about the wedding of rock star was confirmed. In April, Tatiana has published a touching photo with the favorite, presumably made in one of capital registry offices. In the photo: Gleb and Tatiana showed the engagement ring. The pair were dressed in all black, Samoilov in a peculiar manner. However, on the hand Larionova sported elegant accessory a bracelet of delicate flowers, which reminded them of the solemn event.

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