The wife of Garmash married him, overcoming my terrible fear

Жена Гармаша вышла за него замуж, переборов свой жуткий страх The actor revealed family secrets. In the “One day…” Garmash frankly told why dissuaded daughter to follow in the footsteps of their parents, and as the first time, his future wife, then a tenth grader who was afraid of him.
Жена Гармаша вышла за него замуж, переборов свой жуткий страх

Sergey Garmash is one of the most sought after actors of his generation, beloved by the audience, caressed by the Directors. Despite the fact that he is not working in soap operas and sitcoms, is not a frequent guest of the TV show and lead pages in social networks, it is known and loved by millions.

Garmash was born in Kherson in a simple Ukrainian family – his mother Ludmila was a Manager at the bus station, father Leonid bus driver. In the evenings my parents were involved in acting in the local house of culture, were active participants of Amateur performances. Sergey well from his childhood dreamed of the sea and even recorded in a circle of sailing, says, in spite of my mother’s ideas of a happy future son. It was only later, many years later, she told him, as he was three years old, said one day at the cinema: “grow up and become a movie star”.

Garmash entered the Dnepropetrovsk theatrical school, not to go to grade 9 in another school. He was an actor puppet theater, and only in 1980, when he was 22 years old, Sergei decided to enter the capital’s school-Studio of MKHAT. It is on the threshold of the theatre University and did his fateful meeting with his future wife, actress Inna Timofeeva. Then she was very young, tenth grade ended, and now recalls Sergei Leonidovich in the program “Once” was afraid of him.

Жена Гармаша вышла за него замуж, переборов свой жуткий страх“I was just older. I have had: school, military service, work in the puppet theater, and she was a schoolgirl. She was just afraid of me. The story began immediately, but only to the 4th course. Maybe it’s good” – said Garmash.
Жена Гармаша вышла за него замуж, переборов свой жуткий страх

In the filmography of Garmash already more than fifty works, from marginal characters to real heroes. His role is accurately identified Nikita Mikhalkov – “a loving man with a wounded soul.” But his main project Garmash his family. The actor happily married for almost 40 years and together with his wife Inna has two children – son Ivan is 11 years old, but the daughter Daria all grown up – she’s 29. By the way, she also wanted to be a performer like her parents, but her father urged not to do so.

“I have not seen in my daughter’s acting ability, and such data that it could count on a serious story. When I heard that she wants to enter the acting Department, had with her the entire evening, convincing her that it is not necessary to do this. But it was not an ultimatum, and adult conversation. If she heard me, two days later went to do that, I would not grab her by the arm,” – said Sergey Garmash.

But the Apple from the tree still not very far down. Daria Garmash never became an actress, but works in the movie, a young woman – Executive producer. But the son of Ivan, in the words of a famous father, keen on computer graphics.

Sergey Garmash this year will celebrate the anniversary in September, the actor will be 60 years.