Жена Гарика Мартиросяна рассказала о своем диагнозе
Jeanne admitted that she has a bad habit.

Janna and Garik Martirosyan

Flashing wife Garik Martirosyan Janna said
a story that happened to her during a trip to the southern capital.

“I love the Sochi winter! The sky is blue, palm trees green,
The black sea is blue. Holidaymakers yet, they are still workers working on
in order to become the summer vacationers. So the city is quiet and calm, and can
to walk for hours, which I did on the first day of my arrival. After
treshchalova marathon on the Sunny promenade and green streets of my city
legs conspired and without telling me in advance, I decided to go unpaid
vacation. I suddenly sat up abruptly on the bench.

Legs was gone about an hour, and I, like a static
object, there was time to consider moving subjects. I was moved by walking
couple, funny, noisy playing catch-up, children, interestingly dressed girls, ladies
with a dog. On a nearby bench I noticed a sweet grandmother, who sold
roasted. After an hour of waiting the return leg, I decided to find a job
hand and bought from a elderly businesswoman Cup sunflower seeds: I can do
and small business support.

After 100 grams of seeds I started to catch myself
the idea that passers-by I have not touches, and children too loud shout, and after
late and they should go back to bed — their parents generally think of the ladies with dogs
became more like dogs with the ladies, girls walking in too small
skirts and with too big lips, and smoke and drink beer on
the street, and these two are definitely gay, well, that’s for sure!!! “Oh man, what’s the matter with kids?! We
was not so,” indignantly I thought. “Yeah,” and loudly supported me
grandmother. Seeds I have quickly ended and I woke up. Still my mom
rightly says: “sunflower Seeds — infection”. And sunflower seeds on the bench is a diagnosis”.