Жена Дмитрия Тарасова стремительно теряет вес накануне родов
Anastasia Kostenko scared friends.

Anastasia Kostenko

Anastasia Kostenko often tells subscribers about how her pregnancy proceeds. The first model was in the position, so watching with interest what changes occur in her body. As expected, the wife of Dmitry Tarasov control your weight: it is important that the future mother added pounds according to the established norms. Recently, the model greatly puzzled friends online, rassekrechen how now weigh.

It turned out that Kostenko in the eighth month of pregnancy at growth of 175 centimetres weighs a little more than 56 pounds. Of course, she and before pregnancy was very small, but there is a caveat: some time ago, she weighed a few pounds more than the model itself told in mircoblog. So, Anastasia started to lose weight before the birth. The wife of footballer is recommended to urgently go to the doctor, so as an alarming symptom. Moreover, in April Kostenko was lying in the hospital for saving.

Besides, the wife Tarasova says that ensures that her diet was full. “Eat three times a day and three times a day I have a snack, for a total of six times! Almost do not eat fried and fatty foods, as the benefit from it is zero, nothing heavy, and it is a pity your body is working for two. Adhere to the recommendations of the gastroenterologist and his leading physician,” says Kostenko.