Жену Дмитрия Тарасова раздражает одежда для беременных Anastasia Kostenko made a loud confession. Third wife of Dmitry Tarasov said that she had “intolerance to clothing for pregnant women”. Despite its actually an interesting situation, she is not going to change wardrobe.
Жену Дмитрия Тарасова раздражает одежда для беременных

Dmitry Tarasov and his third wife, Anastasia Kostenko ready to become parents. Now wife of the football player of the Moscow club “the locomotive” already in her sixth month of pregnancy. The couple themselves said that their child will be born in July. Anastasia actively maintains a blog on Instagram, talking about pregnancy, publishing their photos, showing changes of its shape.

Kostenko told his followers that she had a sudden “intolerance” – a young woman cannot wear special clothes for pregnant women. Moreover, outfits for women in the position is not happy and her husband.

“I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible intolerance to clothing for pregnant… Even beloved was horrified when we visited this “balahonistyh” Department. The only thing I bought for moms-to – it pants, tops and jeans. Everything else take in the usual divisions, only one size larger. Wear comfortable clothes and happy, because it guaranteed a positive mood,” wrote Anastasia Kostenko.
Жену Дмитрия Тарасова раздражает одежда для беременных

In addition, the pregnant wife of footballer Tarasova, said that finally coped with a widespread problem for pregnant women sleeping. “I asked about the insomnia… I will Say this, it’s dated. Often go to sleep at 24.00, and very rarely, like today, in the interval from 1.00 to 3.00. During the day is recommended to find time to take a NAP, if I can’t sleep then at least just take a comfortable horizontal position,” wrote Anastasia. Still Kostenko gave advice to those who, being pregnant, feels exhausted. “For those who feel lethargy: if your doctor do not mind, you can cheer up sweet green tea,” advised the wife Tarasov.

Experienced members Kostenko said that at 8-9 months pregnant models still have to wear clothing from a specialized store. However, she is sure to recover to the size XL does not threaten her. Though, because she gets advice from the best doctors of Moscow. “So I observed in a great clinic and listen to the advice of a doctor, based on all analyses and personal observations, not assumptions and guesswork on the Internet,” she wrote.