The wife of Dmitry Tarasov: “I was married once and for life»

Супруга Дмитрия Тарасова: «Я обвенчалась один раз и на всю жизнь» Model Anastasia Kostenko joined with the elect in a Church marriage. The couple held the ceremony in late January in one of the Moscow temples. The model recently explained what it means this ritual. Anastasia believes that met your only one person.
Супруга Дмитрия Тарасова: «Я обвенчалась один раз и на всю жизнь»

At the beginning of last week, 30-year-old player of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov married 23-year-old beloved Anastasia Kostenko, and then celebrated an important event in the family circle. A few weeks before that, the couple signed the Registrar.

Beloved athlete considers himself a believer. Anastasia often shares his thoughts on social networks and communicate with subscribers. Recently, the model was asked why she decided on such an important step, as a wedding. Some couples, in particular, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko were rite only years later after the registration of the relationship. Replying to the followers, Kostenko made it clear that she had a very serious relationship with Tarasov. She believes that to marry according to Church traditions need only once in a lifetime. According to Anastasia, she met her only person.

Dmitry Tarasov was married with a darling

“If we’re talking about the sacrament of marriage in the Orthodox Church, it is not accepted to get married on spurious human conditions: having lived 10 years, 20 years, with three attempts for the wedding, etc. It is newfangled trends not related to the centuries-old religion – shared model. – No three attempts does not exist, only once and for life. Also there is a taboo on the age of entering into marriage. And Yes, the Church respects the legitimate marriage, but nothing they have not”.
Супруга Дмитрия Тарасова: «Я обвенчалась один раз и на всю жизнь»

According to Kostenko, the date for the ceremony she chose along with a choice. Followers girls continued to discuss whether it is possible to repeatedly engage in a Church marriage. “You can get married three times. So that she can get married twice,” said one of podeschi girls. The wife of Dmitry Tarasov was quick to object to it.

“You can get married only once. Don’t need to devalue such a mystery. I already wrote above – it fads that do not border on faith,” says Kostenko.

Reader microblog noted that it was misled. Anastasia advised podyschite to go to another spiritual person. “Anyway, it sounds strange: “Three attempts wedding”… This is an appeal to God. “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” – spoke model. Well, it happens sometimes. It is important to find the fancy father, and of the believer”.

Let us add that the third wedding of Dmitry Tarasov caused heated discussions. Some Internet users criticized the decision of the player and wrote that his family’s happiness will be short-lived. Anastasia answered dissatisfied in social networks. According to Kostenko, “happy people see the opposite, and mean trying to bind, to invent, to get the word out”.The wife of Dmitry Tarasov responded to criticism of their wedding