Жена Дмитрия Маликова обнародовала фото с новорожденным сыном Elena posted a picture with the baby. In photo of woman kissing beloved wife, and between them sits the daughter Stesha and holding a little brother. In the caption to the frame Malikov explained that meant to her family.

Recently it became known that Dmitry Malikov second child was born. The boy was born in Saint-Petersburg. Fans of the singer are now wondering why he hid the imminent completion of the family and also argue, as he will be called son. Dmitry has a daughter Stephanie, born in marriage with Elena. The girl now studying at University. Earlier, in the 90s the wife Malikov was born one daughter, Olga. The family of singer rarely raises the subject. Elena herself has decided to recall how it saved the first child. The woman published a picture with a young son, and in the legend to open up with subscribers.

“I was in the family only child. Loved, smart, beautiful, but only. When I was 20, suddenly scandalous my mom, then dad. From the horror of what happened, I was saved by my then, still a baby, the daughter of Olga. Just because she was. After some time, my life changed dramatically: I met Dima, he found the perfect family: he, his parents, sister, grandmother, aunt, nephew, our wonderful daughter and son… A family is a team! Where one for all and all for one! And the more young players in it, the stronger it is!”- such record has left Elena in the microblog.

In the pictures the face of the youngest family member closes the smiley face. Stesha touching looks at his brother. Elena and Dmitry merged in a kiss. Users of social networks actively leave the wishes of the wife of the artist. “With all my heart congratulations on your new addition! Wish you happiness and love!”, «Congratulations to all Malikovich! You now more. How fortunate for the baby to be born into such a wonderful family! Health and happiness to all!””All right! Congratulations! Why so long thought and made a difference between children? Have Stesi may soon have his own family? In any case, well done! Let grows healthy and happy!”wrote on the page of Elena caring users of the social network.

Earlier in the microblog Stefania there was a post where she indirectly said that her brother came to the capital.

“Yesterday I met the whole family returned from St. Petersburg,” wrote the daughter Malikovich.

Lately, Dmitry has chosen to share with fans the fruits of his work, but rarely told about the lives of loved ones. That is why a new addition to his family took many by surprise.