Супруга Дмитрия Маликова объяснила, почему скрывала второго ребенка At the beginning of this year, famous singer once again became a father. Fans Dmitry Malikov learned the good news after a couple of days after it happened. As it turned out, the star and his family didn’t want to draw attention to the replenishment of the family.

Dmitry and Elena Malikova the busy hassle of a newborn son. The baby was born in January of this year in one of the elite medical clinics of Saint-Petersburg. As it became known to journalists, the couple decided to use a surrogate mother. The news that Dmitry Malikov celebrates the completion of the family came as a surprise to his fans. The couple chose not to advertise training for the big event.

Recently the wife of a famous singer gave an interview to journalists. Elena Malikova explained why she and her husband decided not to announce the birth of a child. That artist again became a father, the public learned only after a couple of days after that important event. Yourself Dmitry and Elena initially refrained from comments about the information that received wide publicity.

“I’m actually shocked that all know about it. We do not gathered here to declare this. (…) We are in the hospital trying to be incognito, so no one saw us, but some of the nurses we found out anyway… And we began the “fun” life. We don’t want publicity: this long-awaited child, which was given to us long and hard. And idly talk about it therefore no one desires,” said the wife of a famous artist.

According to Malikova, someone from the hospital shared some information that they again became parents, by TV people. Spouses called the staff of one popular talk show on the Federal channel with a request for participation in the program.

“We refused, but information already given publicity. So Dima had to tell about the birth of the baby to Instagram, and we’d kept secret”, – said Elena.

In his post on social networks made on the day of birth, Dmitry Malikov thanked the public for the congratulations and confirmed that celebrates the completion of the family. “When I recorded this video, it hasn’t happened the main event of the past year of my life, namely the birth of my son! And now it’s happened, and I am absolutely happy! And what you want!”– shared the actor.

During a recent conversation with journalists Dmitry’s wife also noted that he had long wanted a son.

“I can only say that even with the tremendous progress in medicine, the baby’s gender during conception, timing is impossible. But Dima is very long, many years, wanted a boy – and that God heard his prayers” – shared Elena with “Antenna-Telesem”.

We will remind that Dmitry and Elena Malkovich also has a daughter Stephanie. She was born in February 2000. Now the girl is studying at the faculty of journalism at MGIMO.