The wife of Dmitry Malikov came up with the name of newborn son

Жена Дмитрия Маликова придумала имя новорожденному сыну
Elena Malikova wants to name a boy in honor of the Greek God.

Photo: Instagram

On the 26th year of marriage, Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena, was born a long-awaited son. Alas, the 55-year-old wife of singer has not been able independently to carry a pregnancy, so the star family has sought the help of a surrogate mother. Such an unusual yet for our country’s birth did not affect the “degree of happiness” Malkovich. The baby already 10 days, it brought home (the boy was born in one of elite maternity homes of the Northern capital and have already suffered my first ever big trip — from St. Petersburg to Moscow).

Malikova didn’t want the birth of the baby became known to the public. And now, when this happened, reluctant to share details about his early days. For example, no one still knows how named the baby.

Dmitry recently revealed the secret that his wife wants to give her son the name Apollo.

“What if his wife like the name Apollo?”with sadness he wrote in his Twitter.

What happened! The fans in the first place was amazed, “why” the boy will give the name of the wife. Also fans are advised Malikov to divorce a woman who likes that name. And followers of the singer have offered their own versions: Soyuz, Buran, Kim, Hades, Dawn, Jan, Yang, leandre… A more or less common names in the tips in the lead, Michael, Ilya and Vladimir. By the way, fans of the singer not paid attention to the calendar. On January 24, when the boy was born, the name day is celebrated Nikolai, Fyodor, Vladimir, Michael.

Anyway, it’s the long-awaited heir yet. And to think of Dmitry and Elena remained only three weeks. The laws of the Russian Federation the child needs to draw up the documents — birth certificate, insurance policy and residence — before he turns a month.