Жена Дмитрия Диброва перестала есть за неделю до финала «Миссис Россия» 28-year-old winner of the prestigious competition shared his impressions. Polina Dibrova told about the sacrifices she had to go for the coveted crown. She was happy that the beloved husband and eldest son came to support it.
Жена Дмитрия Диброва перестала есть за неделю до финала «Миссис Россия»

The winner of the beauty contest among married women was the wife of the TV presenter and mother of three children Polina Dibrova. “Application filed in February, said the “StarHit” Pauline. – It turned out that came to visit her godmother, the winner of the title “miss World 2011″ Alice Krylova. Over a Cup of tea she told me about her triumph, we thought, why should not I try? Surprisingly the husband supported the idea, although men are quieter when the wife stays at home”.

Once Dibrova has applied for participation in the competition, immediately began to consider all the details. She decided not to delay, and immediately went in search of outfits to a big day look like a Queen.

“Be prepared – choose dresses and come up with a way – early the next day. Had to get the video to come up with it. But the most difficult was to walk the guests, and to refuse the Goodies. Sometimes I wanted to hide from everyone. A week before the final I reduced the power to minimum so a little “dry” figure. Lost two pounds, but excess weight did not have much,” recalls the wife of the TV presenter.

Pauline glad that all the family members supported her idea to participate in the contest. Dmitry Dibrov could not miss such an important event in the life of his wife, and therefore I watched with interest how she defile on the stage.

Жена Дмитрия Диброва перестала есть за неделю до финала «Миссис Россия»“On the final day felt extremely calm. Voice trembled, already on the scene. Calmed down when I saw in the hall the faces of the friends who clapped and shouted “Box!”. Husband with the eldest son Sasha (Fyodor and Ilya stayed home with the nanny) was watching me from the balcony. However, by the time of the coronation in the morning – Sashka fell asleep. He was awakened at five minutes to saw mom award” – said Pauline.
Жена Дмитрия Диброва перестала есть за неделю до финала «Миссис Россия»

The wife of the TV presenter admitted that between the contestants, although he was competition, but the organizers tried to do everything to the team beauties reigned friendly atmosphere. “I am grateful to the President of the competition Alla Markina, who tried to make friends with girls confessed Dibrova. We all went to karaoke, visited the cosmetic clinic, and even went to the Danilovsky monastery, where the priest read us a prayer. I felt no competition – the husband has learned not to react to external negative.”

Now Polina Dibrova preparing yourself for the responsibility that lay on her shoulders after winning the contest.

“The plans – participation in various events. After the victory, I became the face of the Foundation “planet of women”. Events will appear in the crown, made of semiprecious stones, weighing nearly two kilograms,” – said the winner of the title “Mrs. Russia”.