The wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky commented on the scandal with the “death” of her husband

Жена Дмитрия Хворостовского прокомментировала скандал со «смертью» мужа
Florence was disgusted because of rumors spread about his wife.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky with his wife Florence


Tonight, the media spread the news of the death of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. Reportedly, the Opera singer allegedly died as a result of a long struggle with cancer. However, after a couple of hours after the publication of the first news of the death of Hvorostovsky and his wife Florence made an official statement in which he denied the rumors.

Wife of world-famous baritone said: “My husband is fine and sleeping happily next to me! Let it be cursed by the people who write such things!” Florence was disgusted due to the fact that the media “buried alive” Dmitry. Incidentally, the journalist who first reported the tragic news has already apologized as the family of the artist and his fans and friends. According to her, left a big misunderstanding and she shared with the world unverified information.

Not so long ago Dmitry made a comment about his condition. The master was told that the doctors look at him as a miracle, and admire how he bravely makes a struggle with a serious illness. “What can I do? But I continue to fight the disease and hope. “Hope” for me now the most urgent word! — admitted not so long ago, Hvorostovsky. — As they say, I still play checkers! My oncologist looks at me like a miracle: “Oh, he’s alive! Oh, how healthy!” They have, besides me, of such patients – singers of world renown who sing everywhere and continue to work in spite of everything!”

However, stars often learn about his “death” from news headlines. This summer, your own self-care had to deny Dima Bilan. In the spring, when the artist is incredibly thin and because of the herniated discs, the media spread the news that he died as a result of cancer.