Жена Дениса Глушакова прокомментировала его роман с Ольгой Бузовой
The reality show star was caught with a married footballer in Sochi.

Жена Дениса Глушакова прокомментировала его роман с Ольгой Бузовой

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Denis Glushakov with his wife and daughter

Photo: @Instagram dariaglush Daria Glushkova

On the eve of the paparazzi photographed Olga Buzova pool at the luxury hotel in Sochi in the company of a married man. He was a football player Denis Glushakov. In the Internet appeared the video, where the reality star had a good time at the resort with the athlete and his daughter, Valeria. Dennis ‘ wife, Daria, at this time, as reported by the media, was in Rome. Buzova and Glushakov immediately attributed to novel…

But as it turned out, Olga and Denis bind is not romantic, and friendships. Actually Buzova fulfill an important mission: helping Glushakov with concerns about the little girl, while his wife was made a flight from Rome to Sochi.

“The long-awaited vacation! Together with his beloved Olga Buzova! Thank you for looking after my husband and Larosa! Amazed that the tabloids! Everyone knows that we talk, but you have to write…” says Daria.

By the way, while the player’s wife has not brought clarity to what is happening at Olga barrage of criticism for having an affair with a married man. After all, the perfect marriage itself Buzova has been destroyed from-for appeared in the life of Dmitry Tarasova mistress. Olga has repeatedly allowed himself to rude remarks about girls that destroys families. Meanwhile, earlier in the Network appeared information about the fact that recently the TV presenter allegedly vacationing in Monaco in the company of a married millionaire. But Olga denied these rumors, stating that he spent the holiday alone.