Жена Деметриуса Джонсона

The American fighter in the lightest weight category (59 kg) Demetrius Johnson for many years of happy marriage. However, few know that the wife of Demetrius Johnson was the man who inspired him to conquer new and new peaks.

They met in his youth, but for both of them that time was a difficult period of life, and only their friendship helped them to get out of conditions in which had to live and work. It combines history, full of mutual love and support has made them who they are now.

		Жена Деметриуса Джонсона

The athlete and his wife

Interesting story of how began these strong and long relationship. The fact that they began before the athlete has gained some fame in the field of fighting. Destiny Johnson, the current wife of athlete, grew up in the same city, and fate brought them together on a part-time job at the diner Red Lobster in 2006. The young man then worked as assistant chef and was going through hard times, he was depressed, but Destiny, who worked as a waitress, literally saved it.

“My wife filled the aching void inside of me,” says the current champion.

The girl in turn was fascinated by the voice of his colleague, who then sang her hits. They spent a lot of time together, finding pleasure even in short interviews in between work. Roman spun quickly. Destiny and Demetrius gave each other the necessary support and understanding. At that time nobody believed that Johnson will succeed in his classes combative sports, but his girlfriend remained close by, is sympathetic to the fact that the training was time-consuming.

		Жена Деметриуса Джонсона

Photo: Demetrius Johnson during training

In may 2012 they were married in Hawaii.

Says a lot about the family relationships of the fact that the bride agreed to postpone the honeymoon so that her beloved could prepare for battle with Ian.

		Жена Деметриуса Джонсона

Photo: Demetrius and the Desteni before the wedding ceremony

The couple has two sons: Taryn and Maverick, born in 2013 and 2015. Despite the age difference, they look almost twins: both curly-haired, smiling boys, with cream-colored skin. Curiously, a week later, after the birth of each of her two sons, Johnson had to defend his championship belt. In the photo below, the entire Johnson family.

		Жена Деметриуса Джонсона

Destiny, Maverick, Demarius and Taryn