The wife of Askold zapashnogo worried about family life

Жена Аскольда Запашного переживает за жизнь семьи Early in the morning in Haifa where the parents live, Ellen, raging wildfires. They covered several areas of the city. Local residents shocked by the size of the disaster. The wife of Askold zapashnogo in horror and hopes that her family will be okay.

      Today Haife very restless 10 am there is raging a terrible fire, and evacuate local residents. The fire covered about twelve districts. People place in other parts of the city not covered by the smoke. Local hospitals switched to emergency mode: journalists report on the victims, who were poisoned by carbon monoxide.

      Media reported that to extinguish fires were sent brigade of the Israel defense forces, and aircraft from Turkey, the UK, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Russia.

      The wife of Askold zapashnogo Helen reported that her family is in the city on fire. The woman doesn’t know what to do. She looks at the pictures that she sent to loved ones. In these pictures you can see how the light is Haifa. Ellen hopes that her family will be okay.

      “Send me a photo. The city was covered with a nightmare. It’s near the house right and it burns. My state of horror and alarm. Mother there on their suitcases waiting for the evacuation team,” shared Helen in his microblog.

      Subscribers Zapashny supported her and advised to hold on to. “What a mess!”, “Let the family everything will be okay”, “good Luck out there…”, “I hope nothing will happen,” wrote follower Ellen.

      According to recent reports, Haifa evacuated about 60 thousand people. The fire started simultaneously in five places – first in the woods, and then the fire spread to the city. This was facilitated by a strong East wind, strong gusts, which increased fire hazards. Police admit that an emergency could occur from-for burning, however, law enforcement officials doubt that the attack was organized specifically. The journalists also report that already had been arrested a few people.

      Mayor Yona Yahav compared the fire that engulfed the entire city, with a national disaster. He also urged all residents to evacuate and refrain from visiting the areas that were hurt today. According to Naftali Bennett, the Minister of education of the country, an emergency is a real terror. And Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that all those responsible will be held accountable.

      Recall that the parents of Helen Zapashny live in Haifa. The woman often visits loved ones for a long time and they have stopped. In interviews she talked about that with all my heart bound to the Holy land.