Arkady Ukupnik's wife hit a man Today, Arkady Ukupnik's wife hit a pedestrian in the center of Moscow.

< br>Arkady Ukupnik's wife hit a man Natalia was driving her Porsche, and the man decided to cross the street to Red light. The impact knocked him back several meters. The artist's wife took the victim to the nearest clinic, and now his life is not in danger. The wife of Arkady Ukupnik knocked down a man” />

After that, Natalya had to go to the police department, where her husband also arrived. After interrogation, the officers released the woman.

Arkady Ukupnik's wife knocked down a man

Natalia is already the third wife artist. In 2011, their daughter was born. Recently, Ukupnik admitted that he wants to live to see her wedding.

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