The wife of Andrey Malakhov has made no secret of being jealous of Olga Buzova

Жена Андрея Малахова уже не скрывает ревности к Ольге Бузовой
The star of “House-2” hardly has not broken the wedding anniversary celebration of the presenter.

Many have noticed that Andrey Malakhov has recently paid increased attention to Olga Buzova: is satisfied with her provocative dances on camera, it will conclude in a passionate embrace at a social event, publicly declared his admiration for Olga and her talents… But these days because of the stars “House-2” was almost thwarted wedding anniversary celebration Malakhova Natalia Shkuleva.

For family Malakhov 4 June is a special date. On this day seven years ago, the couple signed the Registrar. The day of the “founding” families of the presenter in this year fell on a weekday, so the event was held at the weekend. But, knowing that Olga is throwing a party, Malakhov moved the celebration for another day. Saturday night Buzova invited the stars of domestic show-business on the opening ceremony of the restaurant

Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia Shkuleva


However, the next day in a Metropolitan school Assunta Madre Moscow was organized solemn Banquet in honor of Andrew and Natalia. The party were invited the closest friends of the couple (Olga among the guests, incidentally, was not).

Malakhov, by the way, does not hide from his wife his sympathy for Buzova. And recently Olga commented on the relationship with Malakhov, confirming the rumors that Natalia is jealous of her husband. “For me, Andrew, the friend. We have a relationship for a long time, that is, we are friends not only last year. Much just behind the scenes. We text, talk on the phone… For me he is a wonderful person, a true friend. Yesterday, I learned from him the amazing story. Andrei and Natasha’s anniversary — seven years of marriage. And now he tells me how they were going to say Natasha to him at some point said, “Yes, on the first anniversary Malakhov was running toward me. And on the seventh year… Andrew runs to Buzova in the restaurant!” — quoted Olga Life.