Жена Алексея Дайнеко сообщила о его смерти The star of the popular TV series has died on 47-m to year of life. Reportedly, the death of Alexei Daineko interested in law enforcement. The actor left little daughter, baby was born in June last year.

      Жена Алексея Дайнеко сообщила о его смерти

      Tonight in Moscow on 47-m to year of life died a famous actor, TV presenter and performer Alexei Daineko. On the death of a spouse on his page on the social network Facebook announced the wife and now the widow of star series Elena Logatskaya.

      “Today was not Alyosha… I don’t want to believe it, I can’t believe it,” wrote Elena.

      Friends of the family of the actor and his fans immediately hastened to Express words of sympathy and condolences for the untimely death of Alexei Daineko his widow Elena Logatskaya. They, like Elena, can’t believe what happened.

      “I’m so sorry. May God bless the servant of God, Alexis. And forgive all transgressions voluntary and involuntary, and grant the Kingdom of heaven! Amen”, “Helen, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe. What happened? Horror. Hang in there. Horror”, “I’m sorry, Helen! Hold on! For the baby, for the sake of the memory of it!” “What happened then? We have a couple of days ago, we talked… everything was fine and without problems,” write the relatives and friends of the couple.

      Жена Алексея Дайнеко сообщила о его смерти

      On the causes of death of Alexei Daineko is not reported. However, we know that the sudden death of popular actor and still young men are already interested in law enforcement. Shortly before his death, at the beginning of June, Alexei Daineko broke his leg. Is there a connection between these two events, will establish a consequence.

      Alexey Dayneko was born on 5 June 1970. In 1993, the actor graduated from GITIS, then worked in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. Alexei Daineko was also the host of “planet of communication” on the TVC channel and TV6.

      The wide audience is the actor remembered for his roles in the popular crime series “Method Laurel — 2”, “Second to…”, “carp”, “Empire under attack”, “Second killer”, “Truckers-3”, “Balzac age, or All men are bast…”. Only Alexei Daineko managed to pull in about thirty films.

      Жена Алексея Дайнеко сообщила о его смерти

      Alexei Daineko almost did not give interviews, he never liked to talk about his personal life. But judging by his posts in Facebook, he adored his family, wife Helen and little daughter Emmanuel-Victoria, who was born a year ago. Visit Alexei Daineko a lot of photos, in which he chronicled glowing with happiness, with the baby on hands.

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